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This is the public page of the Dutch EET project:  HYDROGEN FROM BIOMASS
Starting date: Sept 1st 2000; Ending date: Sept 1st 2003

Contact: Pieternel Claassen

The application of hydrogen in fuel cells aims at clean and efficient energy production.
As hydrogen is presently produced from fossil fuels the amount of CO2 in the
atmosphere increases. Therefore, new CO2 neutral technologies for hydrogen
production are in development.
The production of hydrogen from biomass by
microorganisms is one of the new technologies.
A tentative estimate has been made for the production costs of hydrogen from biomass.
In short:  the tentatively estimated costs for biological hydrogen production can
compete with hydrogen costs from other small-scale production processes.
This cost estimate was done with biomass at zero value and without process integration.

This project is a continuation of the previous research, sponsored by the EET programme
of the Dutch Ministeries of EZ, VROM and OCenW.

The focus is on:
·        Pretreatment of biomass (energy crop and organic waste);
·        Optimisation of (hyper)thermophilic and photoheterotrophic hydrogen production;

·        Process integration;

·        Upgrading of biological hydrogen to fuel cell specifications.

The final report (in Dutch with English summary) is accessible through: Final report BWPI (in Dutch)