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Netherlands Biohydrogen Network

Biological H2 production can make a substantial contribution to future renewable energy demand, e.g. for generating useful energy from biomass residues and sunlight. Current R&D in the Netherlands addresses all basic and applied aspects of biological H2 production and H2 end-use in fuel cells. In addition, there is a large body of expertise and R&D in the related field of methane fermentation of organics, in which H2 is an intermediate.

Researchers from 10 universities and R&D institutes participate in the Netherlands Biohydrogen Network. The objectives of the Network are:
- to promote (inter)national knowledge exchange and R&D co-operation (IEA, EU);
- to provide information and expertise for government & the market sector.

The Network aims at an integration of expertise, fundamental R&D and technology development which is required for practical implementation of the technology. All elements are represented in the Network, as depicted in the figure below.

The Networks' activities include: the organisation of meetings, workshops and conferences, publications and provision of information via the internet.

The Networks' activities are supported by the Dutch Biological Hydrogen Foundation and NOVEM, the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment.