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  1. 2011/12/15Taiwan's first biohydrogen fuel station unveiled
    Taipei, Nov. 3 (CNA) Feng Chia University in Taichung unveiled Thursday the first hydrogen fuel station in Taiwan that supplies biologically produced hydrogen.Read More...
  2. 2011/10/10Final report of HYVOLUTION
    The final activity report with a short description of publishable results is ready! Read More...
  3. 2010/12/05Hyvolution publication selected
    Hyvolution publication ‘Prospects of utilization of sugar beet carbohydrates for biological hydrogen production in the EU’ has been selected for inclusion in Science for Environment Policy. The European Commission's environmental news service for policy makers, distributed to over 12,000 subscribers.Read More...

HYVOLUTION movie showing hydrogen production from potato steam peels

HYVOLUTION slideshow presented at WHEC 2010 in Essen, Germany, May17-20
Download slides in PDF format

March 2011: Final report of HYVOLUTION

To deliver prototypes needed to produce hydrogen of high quality in a bioprocess which is fed by multiple biomass feedstocks.
Project structure
The work is organized in different work packages. 22 partners from 13 countries participate in HYVOLUTION.
The aim is to develop installations for conversion of biomass from primary production or agro-industrial plants, to pure hydrogen.